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Pierre-Mauroy Stadium
The Best in Sports and Concerts
Billeterie, réservez vos places !

Sponsor - Carrefour

Carrefour has always been a loyal supporter of sporting events, through their various sponsorship deals they have become a vector for emotion. Carrefour has been a sponsor of the French national team since 1997, and hopes to spread its work ethic and dynamics through the national men's, women's and youth teams.

Carrefour has been sponsoring the Tour de France for 22 years, through the spotted shirt which is awarded to the best hill-section rider. This partnership is built on the brand's common values that they share with the "Grand Boucle": the desire to promote the riches of the French regions and the need to get close to the general public.


Sponsor - Nacarat

Lille service centre - Eurasanté Services, retail and housing Architect: Lalou + Lebec © J. Lanoo

For over 30 years Nacarat has been building up its expertise in corporate and residential real estate in their role as a major participant in the development of urban landscapes. They are based in France, Belgium and Poland, and are one of the reference enterprises in sustainable urban development. Nacarat is committed to a socially and environmentally responsible approach; the evidence for this can be seen in the social contributions of their completed projects. As sponsor of the Pierre Mauroy Stadium, Nacarat reconfirms its key position in its home region through its support for the major sporting and cultural events of the Lille Metropole.