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Pierre-Mauroy Stadium
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Billeterie, réservez vos places !



Discover a wide choice of eating options both inside the stadium and on the Parvis.


There are more than 40 bars and snack-bars distributed over all of the levels inside the stadium. They have a wide choice of drinks snacks and sweets to satisfy all appetites.


Enjoy our traditional ham, cheese or salami sandwiches. Or if you fancy something a bit more filling... There is a choice of chicken, tuna, crab or even Ch'ti sandwiches. And for a refreshing or hot drink? Soft drinks, fruit-juices, water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate... Or if you fancy a snack? Crisps, muffins and sweets to satisfy the need for a quick snack.


Head to the hot-food bars for all sorts of sandwiches: paninis, toasted sandwiches, hot-dogs, hot sandwiches... Something for everyone. You might also enjoy our pasta and pizzas. Not forgetting our burgers and nuggets with chips... our Northern local speciality!



Discover the Stadium Terraces with its 6 restaurants, 6 types of cooking, 7 days a week.

For every midday meal in one of the restaurants you will be given a free parking token valid for the A3 car-park (open 24 hours/day outside events).

Beers & Co

Berrs & Co - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
In a warm and friendly pub atmosphere, typical pub food with a large choice of regional dishes.

La pause

La Pause - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
A beer and wine bar, La Pause proposes its home-made platters in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

La Table

La Table - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
Modern gastronomic cooking, both simple and sophisticated served in a modern and cosy atmosphere.

Paradis 221

Paradis 221 - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
Japanese food fans can enjoy sushi, maki, bento, teppanyaki and various other hot traditional dishes.

Park Inn

Park Inn - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
The Park Inn hotel's restaurant offers its own refined cuisine in a comfortable and modern setting.

Soho Urban Food

Soho Urban Foodn - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
Make your own pizzas, pasta or salads to satisfy your every desire.


Discover the Stadium's snack-bars:

La Frit'

La Frit' - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
La Frit’ will be here during all event days to make sure that you can enjoy a real North French fry !

Le Village du Panini

Subway - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
It has been open since 2013 and is open for you to enjoy a wide range of homemade savoury paninis as well as the famous Nutella panini. Regional bread and French meat.

L'atelier Street-Food Lillois

L'Atelier Street-Food Lillois - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
Fancy something grilled? You should head to the Atelier. Give the Hammer a try – it’s an artisanal bread in which you can make your own sandwich, using whichever ingredients you fancy: cheese, meat (home-made beef or chicken skewers, steak, bacon, merguez) sauce and raw vegetables.

Douglas Grill

Douglas Grill - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
Open during the events at the Stadium, Douglas Grill offers a selection of meat and raw vegetables to make you the kebab of your choice.

Le Temple

Le Temple - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
Le Temple is open to you on event days with a selection of 15 different draft beers. You will also find cold sandwiches and bar snack boards. Le Temple is Paix Dieu ambassador bar.

My Tacos

Subway - Lille - Stade Pierre Mauroy
Whether it’s the week or an event, why not enjoy a Mexican atmosphere with some tacos.